What do I do if I have vegetation growth on my roof?

You must remove as much vegetation growth as possible yourself using tools.

Once removed, ensure you use a fungicidal wash across the affected surface. 

Be sure to remove all residue with a jet wash before proceeding.

How do I prevent displacement of the sealant when creating tilt fillet?

To prevent displacement of the sealant when creating tilt fillet, dip your chosen tool into water. This should allow you to smoothly shape the sealant correctly.

What do I do if it rains after I have primed the surface?

If the surface experiences any form of moisture after applying the primer, leave the surface to dry fully. Once completely dry, reapply the primer.

Once the primer has fully cured, apply the membrane as soon as possible.

What reinforcement do I require for refurbishment of an asphalt/bitumen roof?

Full reinforcement (Wet-on-Wet) is a minimum requirement for this type of project. Use of IMPETAPE or local reinforcement using IMPEFLEECE (Wet-on-Wet) will not suffice.