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Single Component, Non Staining Primer for Non Porous Substrates

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IMPEPRIME-Τ® is one component, colorless, non- staining primer especially designed to secure the adhesion of IMPECOAT-Τ® on non-porous substrates. Although designed for IMPECOAT –T, it is fully suited for all products in the Impervious product range.

Chemically, IMPEPRIME-Τ®is a composed of a  moisture reacting organosilane in a mixture of solvents and additives to ensure overall wetting of the substrate. IMPEPRIME-Τ® is easily applied by wetting a clean cloth and essentially cleaning the surface to be protected with iMPECOAT –T.

IMPEPRIME-Τ® dries quickly, within 10-15 min max. the surface is ready for application.

RECOMMENDED FOR                                         

Priming of non-porous substrates.

  • Glassy tiles
  • glass
  • Slightly porous marble



  • Apply minimal amount of primer by cloth
  • Avoid pools, runs, and drips.


FEATURES & BENEFITS                                    


  • Quick drying.
  • No thinning is required
  • Non-Staining.
  • Easy application

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